Challenges We Solve

As a food entrepreneur, small stage startups, or manufacturer, you may face a variety of product and business-related challenges that can hinder your success. At Food Entrepreneurship Academy, we understand these challenges and our team of experts provides you with tailored solutions to help you overcome these challenges and achieve your business goals.

Product Challenges & Our Solutions

FEA provides expert guidance and support in navigating the food industry landscape, including regulatory compliance, market trends, and industry best practices.

Our team of food scientists and technologists offer technical expertise in areas such as product formulation, manufacturing processes, and quality assurance, to ensure that your product meets industry standards and exceeds consumer expectations.

We conduct in-depth research on your target consumers and the current market trends, providing you with valuable data that can give your product the edge it needs to succeed

Our team of experts can help you bring your product idea from concept to reality, from ideation and prototyping to scaling up for commercial production.

We can help you create a nutrition label, ingredient list, and general health-related claims, as well as calculate the nutritional information for your product

Our team of food scientists and technologists can help with product research and development, formulation, and testing. We have expertise in a range of areas, including ingredient functionality, process optimization, sensory evaluation, and shelf-life testing

We offer regulatory advice and support to help you navigate the complex landscape of food and beverage regulations, ensuring that your product is compliant and ready for market

We offer services to help you successfully launch and commercialize your product, including working with third-party contractors and retail category managers to make the process as seamless as possible

We can help you sort out your supply chain, from sourcing ingredients to finding the right contract manufacturers, ensuring that your product is made with high-quality ingredients and meets your specifications.

We can help facilitate collaborations with academic institutions, including universities and research centres, to provide access to cutting-edge research, technologies, and resources. Our team can help with project scoping, grant applications, and project management to ensure successful collaboration and knowledge transfer

Business Challenges & Our Solutions

We help businesses develop and maintain strong partnerships with key stakeholders such as suppliers, distributors, retailers, and regulatory bodies. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and create tailored solutions that foster strong, long-lasting relationships.

Our team helps businesses identify and target new markets for their products, both domestically and globally. We leverage our expertise in consumer insights, market research, and regulatory compliance to help businesses gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We conduct in-depth research on your target consumers and the current market trends, providing you with valuable data that can give your product the edge it needs to succeed

We help businesses access government grants and funding opportunities that can help them grow and thrive. Our team has extensive experience with a range of key government funding programs and can help businesses prepare and submit successful grant applications

We help businesses develop and implement sustainable practices that reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining profitability. Our team works closely with clients to understand their sustainability goals and create customized solutions that meet their unique needs

Making your… FOOD ENTREPRENEURSHIP …dreams a reality.


The Leadership Team

Mr Naishad Dalal

Director/ Principal Food Technologist

Dr Raphaelle O’ Connor

Consumer Insights Specialist

Dr Philip Button

Shelf Life Expert/Content Creator

Mr Mohit Bagaitkar


Brands We Have Worked With

Our Innovation Process

We work with you at any stage of your product/business to bring your idea to life. FEA’s dream team can assist you from ideation to creating a physical product that is easily producible and branding efforts that effectively convey the essence of your product to your target audience.


Understand your Market, & Deliver Consumer-Centric Innovation.


Identify Market Trends, & Develop Relevant Strategies


Through R&D, Bringing Concepts Idea to Life. Creating a MVP.


Sourcing & Manufacturing.


Market Access (Local & Export), Sales & Distribution

Food Entrepreneurship Academy

We work with and guide, support and mentor home food entrepreneurs and food manufacturing start-up businesses in their quest to make the world a better place through development of innovative food products.